Welcome Friends of Wonder Gears

Welcome Friends of Wonder Gears

Here's an Exclusive Special Offer!*

*And 5% of proceeds support Destiny Rescue!

A handmade personalized reversible flip sequin pillow!

First 1000 receive a FREE matching reversible flip sequin bracelet! Use code WGFREE

Proudly making 1000s of Grandmas, Moms and Aunts "the best," "favorite" & "coolest"!

Unique - Personalized to the recipient to create a cherished memory that no "stock" gift can!

Thoughtful - A one-of-a-kind keepsake that says, "I really care and this gift is uniquely true to you!"

Trendy, Yet Classic - A popular trending gift that "all the cool kids love," but in a form that will never go "out of style"

Made in the USA - Handmade & Personalized with 100% Quality Guarantee

More About Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue exists to Rescue, Restore, Protect, Empower and be a Voice for the Voiceless.
Our vision is to see the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children end in our lifetime.

The children in their care, much like you and I, have big dreams for their futures. Destiny Rescue's aftercare teams work tirelessly every day helping each one of them seek and pursue their full potential. When you support Destiny Rescue, not only are you setting lives free from exploitation, you are empowering bright and amazing futures. You are changing lives, destinies and generations to come!

More About VeraFide Shop

VeraFide Shop produces personalized (and often fully handmade) gifts in the USA using domestic and imported materials.

If you decide to give us an opportunity to serve you, you won't just be getting a great personalized gift, but helping further those causes as well. Our aim is to make you happy!

We strive to create a memorable product and shopping experience.

If you’ve got any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help! Please email us at or call 855-886-5571.